Heritage Committee


The creation of the Heritage Commission at the Medical Faculty of Fez , was approved by the Faculty Council on October 24, 2013. The commission started its work on January 2014.

Highlighting the local and international historical heritage in all its diversity: historical, cultural, …was the main aim  that members of the Heritage Commission of theMedical Faculty in Fez (FMPF) have set forthemselves.


  • Study and promote the history of medicine and its related sciences.
  • Contribute to the safeguarding and conservation of documents and testimonies from the past of medical sciences.
  • Generate interest in the history of medical science among medical students and health professionals.
  • Establish relationships with national and international organizations and associations of similar interest.
  • Participate in the conservation and enhancement of the heritage of medical sciences, in consultation with the various institutional actors.
  • Creationand organization of events and demonstrations related to the history of medical sciences.
  • Participation in national and international events related to the history of medical sciences.
  • Contribute to scientific publishing in the field of the history of medical sciences.
  • Establishment of a museum and a library of the history of medical sciences.